event 20 June 2024

StablR Is Integrating Chainlink Proof of Reserve

Stablr chainlink proof of reserve


StablR is pleased to announce that we are integrating Chainlink Proof of Reserve (PoR) on Ethereum to help verify StablR Euro (EURR) in circulation is backed 1:1 by Euros held in reserve.

Transparent – Chainlink Proof of Reserve Feeds can be monitored by anyone in real-time, allowing any user to independently verify asset collateralization.

Automated On-Chain Verifications – By keeping an up-to-date reference contract, smart contracts can get automated, on-chain verification of an asset’s collateralization, removing the need to conduct manual checks.

High-Quality Data – Through the use of customizable External Adapters, Chainlink can source data from premium data providers who are financially incentivized to provide highly accurate and available data.

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