Verify StablR Euro EURR Collateral With Chainlink Proof of Reserve  

We provide transparent and verifiable evidence that the StablR Euro EURR stablecoin is backed by an appropriate amount of reserves. We aim to demonstrate that we hold assets equal to or in excess of the total supply of EURR in circulation, ensuring its value and stability.


On chain

Confidently leverage Chainlink to ensure secure processes through implemented SMART contracts. With these automated solutions, your workflow is sure to reach maximum efficiency and reliability.


Continuous verification

Monitor your financial journey with daily checks available at the click of a button.



Check trusted data aggregated by an independent third party accounting firm – The Network Firm. This provides an unbiased, transparent view of the reserves backing StablR Euro EURR.


Regulatory Compliance

StablR received its Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) license authorized by Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), which enables the entity to provide virtual financial asset services while adhering to applicable laws and regulations in order to maintain market integrity.