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Press release
Proof of Reserves
Stablr chainlink proof of reserve

StablR Integrated Chainlink PoR

We’re excited to announce that StablR has integrated Chainlink Proof of Reserve (PoR) on Ethereum to help enhance the transparency of EURR—StablR’s fully collateralized, euro-backed stablecoin.
Press release
StablR Euro

Euro stablecoin startup lands €3.3 million seed round

Shortly after minting its first stablecoins, StablR announced it has secured the backing of Deribit, Maven 11, Theta Capital, Folkvang and Blocktech.

The Growth Potential of Non-USD Stablecoins

In Cumberland’s latest research report, we explore a growing corner of the crypto ecosystem that not only checks all the technological prerequisites, but also has a clear product-market fit: the non-USD stablecoin.
StablR Euro

Stablecoins are here to stay

While adoption of stablecoins has been primarily by traders and investors, we recognize increasing use in payments going forward as infrastructure is built out. Meanwhile, all the benefits of its usage are recognized in the retail industry, where stablecoins move towards integration and adoption. 
StablR Euro
EURR Logo Black background

StablR launches Euro-Pegged stablecoin EURR

The future of global economy is open, transparent, inclusive, and fairly distributed for everyone who wants to be part of it.
Stablr chainlink proof of reserve

StablR Is Integrating Chainlink Proof of Reserve

StablR is pleased to announce that we are integrating Chainlink Proof of Reserve (PoR) on Ethereum to help verify StablR Euro (EURR) in circulation is backed 1:1 by Euros held in reserve.


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