Easy acces to EURR with your Client Web App

Simplify your transactions with your StablR account. Onboard, on and off-ramp EURR and manage accounts and transactions with our user-friendly interface.

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Easy access to EURR with your Client Web App
Accessible, secure, desktop and mobile ready.
Easy and Compliant
Interactive, efficient, business identity check with Synaps.
Users and roles to represent your organization’s structure.


By partnering with we have simplified the identity process that is required for onboarding. Simply register and follow the verification flow provided.

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On & Off Ramping  

Move funds to and from StablR platform – all happening within a secure environment and only one click away. Ease your treasury operations with our quick, protected and stable on & off ramp process which elevates your business.

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Account Management

Create users and roles that represent your organizational structure. Enabling or restricting permissions based on role and giving accountability for financial activity.

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