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Stablr EURR Stablecoin App tablet

StablR Account

Simplify your transactions with your StablR Account. Onboard, On- and Offramp StablR Euro and manage accounts and transactions with our user-friendly interface.


API coming soon

Revolutionize the way to use and interact with money by making financial processes more efficient, secure, transparent, and accessible.

StablR Account

Bring convenience and efficiency to your StablR Euro integration with the StablR Account.

Easy & Compliant Onboarding

Easy and secure onboarding with a digital institutional KYB and AML process.

Near-Instant access to StablR Euro

Gain easy access with StablR’s technology to onramp your fiat Euro to StablR Euro and directly unlock the financial potential with your digital currency.

Supporting your institutional setup

Delegate the appropriate tasks according to the roles within your team, manage the wallets you use, and download your transaction history.

Stablr App tablet Dashboard screenshot

API Coming Soon

StablR is creating programmatic infrastructure that can enable you to automatically execute trades or settlements with one API integration to reduce the need for manual intervention and improve efficiency.

Efficient Settlements

Optimize your settlement workflow to automatically allow StablR Euro settlements of your trades or your customers trades via one API.

Fast Payouts

Simplify your payout processes by integrating APIs that programmatically let you send funds to your bank, monitored real-time under regulatory required AML and sanctions screening.

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