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The Growth Potential of Non-USD Stablecoins


The Growth Potential of Non-USD Stablecoins

In Cumberland’s latest research report, we explore a growing corner of the crypto ecosystem that not only checks all the technological prerequisites, but also has a clear product-market fit: the non-USD stablecoin.

In Cumberland’s latest research report, we explore a growing corner of the crypto ecosystem that not only checks all the technological prerequisites, but also has a clear product-market fit: the non-USD stablecoin. Although currently the market cap for all non-USD stable coins rounds to roughly zero – USD stablecoins make up more than 99.3% of the market cap of all fiat-linked stablecoins – there are several developing use cases for non-USD stablecoins that could stimulate considerable growth in the sector. We see an important role for these stablecoins in the healthy development of the ecosystem.

For a thorough investigation of the current state of the market, the exciting use cases, and what factors will ultimately drive the adoption of the sector, please read “The Growth Potential of Non-USD Stablecoins.”

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