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StablR launches Euro-Pegged stablecoin EURR

StablR Euro
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The future of global economy is open, transparent, inclusive, and fairly distributed for everyone who wants to be part of it

The crypto market notices that both individual and institutional investors do not turn their back on stablecoins. On the contrary, the market has recognized an increasing demand for stablecoins, where businesses are looking to on-chain liquidity to ease their operations.  The EURR is fully backed by its fiat equivalent, which is held in 100% cash reserve.


Trust and transparency are the default standards

The year 2022 is significant in the history of cryptocurrency. The rhythm and pace of events, from the collapse of algorithmic stablecoin to centralized exchange failures and market manipulations, the year sheds light on the importance of truthfulness and transparency. We aim to be the world’s most trusted Euro stablecoin.

We are the solid foundation for your future long-term portfolio

Stablecoins are an attractive alternative to high volatile assets, as they can be used to avoid selling during a downturn. Despite a bear market, many investors look for stability during times of uncertainty to hedge their portfolios and keep their investments safe in case of overall market downturns. The EURR is fully backed by its fiat equivalent, which is held in 100% cash reserve.

The fiat equivalent is held at 100% cash reserve

Our platform empowers clients with frictionless access to decentralized and open-source public blockchains. This provides them with real-time access to their funds and create real-time reporting mechanisms.

Cross Chain EURR

The Qredo Network will allow StablR to benefit from all its core advantages including: Multichain support for approximately 40 supported assets, Fast settlement – settlement on the Qredo Network is typically 1.5 seconds, Low transaction costs and seamless liquidity aggregation.

  • Instant access, with Atomic Swaps between the supported assets in their network
  • Low costs, because those assets are swapped natively without withdrawal and underlying layer 1 gas fees
  • Speed, for traders, market makers, and liquidity providers to obtain the assets they need quickly and enhance liquidity on multiple networks