event 27 May 2024

Fortifying Security: StablR’s Partnership with Fireblocks

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets, security stands as the cornerstone of trust and reliability. At StablR, we’re dedicated to ensuring not only the stability of our StablR Euro – EURR –  but also fortifying the security measures that underpin its issuance and redemption. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Fireblocks, a leader in digital asset security solutions.

Secure Issuance and Redemption with Fireblocks

Issuing and redeeming a euro stablecoin like EURR requires a robust infrastructure that prioritizes security without compromising efficiency. Our collaboration with Fireblocks allows us to provide a seamless and, most importantly, secure process for the issuance and redemption of StablR Euro tokens.

Fireblocks’ cutting-edge security infrastructure is designed to safeguard digital assets across the entire transaction lifecycle. Whether it’s the issuance of new StablR Euro tokens or the redemption of existing ones, Fireblocks employs industry-leading security protocols to mitigate risks and ensure the integrity of the process.

Enhanced Security Measures

What sets Fireblocks apart is its multi-layered security approach. Utilizing MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology and a unique hardware-based security module, Fireblocks ensures that private keys and sensitive data are stored and managed in an ultra-secure environment. This advanced setup significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access or potential breaches during the issuance and redemption of StablR Euro.

By integrating Fireblocks’ secure infrastructure into our token issuance and redemption processes, we assure our users and partners that every transaction involving EURR is fortified by top-notch security protocols.

A Commitment to Trust and Reliability

Transacting with StablR, trust and reliability are fundamental pillars of our operations. Our collaboration with Fireblocks reinforces this commitment by providing a robust security framework that safeguards the integrity of every issuance and redemption process associated with StablR Euro tokens.

Join Us in a Secure Future

Join us in embracing a future where stability meets unparalleled security. Our collaboration with Fireblocks marks a significant milestone in our journey to deliver not just a euro stablecoin, but a secure and trustworthy financial instrument backed by robust security measures.

Security is paramount. Trust in the security of EURR with Fireblocks.