event 27 May 2024

Embracing Transparency: EURR Stablecoin Leads with Integrity

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In the fast-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, stability holds paramount significance; StablR issued  EURR – Euro-pegged stablecoin – which  stands as a testament to reliability and trustworthiness in the realm of digital assets. As the second-largest Euro stablecoin by circulating supply market cap, StablR’s commitment to transparency sets them apart from the rest.

Why is transparency vital? Because it instills confidence. Investors and users seek assurance that the value they entrust to digital assets remains secure and backed by genuine reserves. In recognizing this, we’ve made transparency a cornerstone of our operations.

Chainlink Proof of Reserve Integration: Elevating Transparency

Integrating with Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve is a significant step forward. This partnership reinforces StablR’s commitment to transparency by providing real-time, on-chain data verifying the collateral backing our stablecoin. This integration ensures that StablR’s reserves are always in line with the EURR circulating supply, reassuring users of the authenticity and stability of the Euro-pegged stablecoin, EURR.

By leveraging Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network, StablR empowers users with access to transparent, tamper-proof data regarding our reserves. This access enables anyone to independently verify the collateralization of StablR Euro,, fostering a relationship built on trust and accountability.

Our Vision for the Future

As StablR continues to pioneer transparency within the stablecoin ecosystem, the vision is to set new standards by exemplifying integrity, security, and reliability. Through technological innovation and a steadfast commitment to transparency, StablR aims to redefine the benchmarks for stability in the digital asset space.

Join StablR on this journey where transparency isn’t just a promise but a practice embedded in every aspect of the Euro-pegged stablecoin – EURR. 

Transparency breeds trust. Trust fuels stability. Join StablR in embracing a future of dependable digital assets.