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We provide a comprehensive understanding of StablR Euro and the multitude of opportunities it offers for growth, stability, and financial empowerment.

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Secure and Transparent Transactions
You can enjoy seamless peer-to-peer transfers, cross-border payments, and almost at near-instant settlements, all with the peace of mind that your assets are protected.
Financial Inclusion
We believe in empowering institutions around the world with accessible financial services. StablR Euro opens up new avenues for the unbanked and underbanked areas, enabling them to participate in the global economy.
Investment Opportunities
Earning opportunities arising from borrowing services, liquidity pools and staking options.
Business Solutions
The StablR Euro offers tailored solutions to streamline your financial operations. Benefit from faster settlements, reduced transaction costs, and enhanced security, ensuring seamless business growth and scalability.

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StablR Euro

We are creating a regulatory compliant, transparent and sustainable Euro ecosystem to enable the financial industry with open and unified infrastructure.


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Live on Ethereum

You can seamlessly access the StablR Euro from the source. Available on Ethereum and the Qredo Network blockchains.

Centralized Exchanges – Deribit

Custodians – Qredo, Fireblocks

Wallets – Qredo, MetaMask Institutional & MetaMask

Oracles – Chainlink

Market Makers -Theta, Maven11, Folkvang


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