Digital Euro for the Financial Industry

Fully collateralized, fiat-backed, stablecoin

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StablR Euro

Easy access into the world of finance to experience the opportunity of fast settlements and minimized financial service fees.


Always Accessible

Stablecoins can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their location or financial status.

Secure & Transparent

Stablecoin transactions are based on blockchain technology, which provides a transparent infrastructure and ensures that all transactions are immutable, recorded and can be traced.

Minimized Transaction Fees

Significantly lower transaction fees compared to the traditional financial system which makes stablecoins a more cost-effective option for international payments.

Inefficient & Slow

Traditional payment systems take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to complete a transaction and depend on acceptance by regional areas and local countries.

Fraud Risk

Fiat currency can be more susceptible to fraud because it is designed with less advanced security features instead of solutions like cryptographic authentication.

The platform for growth

Stablr offers ready-to-go solutions for its partner network

Our solutions


Regulatory-by-Design – StablR believes in creating regulatory compliant, transparent and sustainable stablecoins by ensuring that its infrastructure is operating within a legally defined framework. We implement required KYB and AML processes and technologies to deliver our digital assets to clients in a safe, transparent and secure way.

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Programmatic Financial Infrastructure – With StablR’s technology clients will be able to revolutionize the way their business interacts with their financial processes. By leveraging your StablR Account and integrating our APIs, you will be able to onramp StablR Euros and redeem fiat Euro near-instantly at anytime, anywhere.

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